this blog is for anything you want to know about sex, or anything to do with it. i'm not an expert, but i'm pretty good with advice. so ask away, my horny followers! ;3 advice seekers Free Web Counter
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Anonymous said: have you ever done stuff with a female? if so, what? just curiouss hahaha ;)

i have, but i’m not going to share that c; 

Anonymous said: i finger myself above my vagina, not in it and it still feels SOOO GOOD. Ya know? Does it make a diffference? will it stretch me out either way? I dont like doing it inside because it feels weird...

that’s not going to stretch you out, but it sounds like you enjoy playing with your clit. don’t worry, most girls do ;3 

Anonymous said: wait how old is it to be legal to have sex? if youre both under 18

in my country, the legal age is sixteen. i’m not sure about others though. 

leonforchange said: Your blog is amazing... The things you answer are so helpful... I just can say Thank you...

thank you so much, it means a lot c: 

Anonymous said: post on your porn blog more, you post the best shit ;)

why thank you :’3 

Anonymous said: is sex better than masturbation?

well, that’s really up to opinion. both are pretty darn great. with masturbation, you know exactly what you love and how to get it. but with sex, it’s just raw pleasure with your significant other. 

Anonymous said: if youve been in a relationship for a long time and youre in love and you trust one another, and youre 14, nearly turning 15, why is that revolting to decide you both want to have sex. thats only a year away from the age that you had it, i dont think its disgusting, its love, if theyre both mature enough..

i’ve never said it’s revolting. i just think it’s better to wait until you’re of age because you may think it’s a good idea at the time but later on you realize you were wrong. as long as you’re both really sure you’re ready, then there’s nothing really wrong with it.

Anonymous said: L O V E your blogg. I have a question. It may sound dumb . But do guys like girls with love handels / back dimples?? If so WHY? i dont get my guys like love handels. I once heard someone say cushin for the pushin lol

thank you! and it basically means a girl isn’t a stick. guys really love curves, and love handles mean curves. and back dimples are just attractive. don’t know why, but they’re appealing! 

Anonymous said: Your blog is so hot, but can you catch any sti's etcetera by giving a guy head?

thank you! and yes, you can. so always try to get checked out with each sexual partner and urge them to do the same.

Anonymous said: I wanna give my boyfriend a hand job but Im not ready to give him head. Is it bad to give him a hand job without any kind of lube/lotion?

it’s not bad to not use lube/lotion, but not too long otherwise it might cause a bit of irritation. 

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